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Engineer's Dilemma: Constant Learning and Forgetting

Engineer's Dilemma: Constant Learning and Forgetting

As a Network Engineer, I've noticed we're in a constantly evolving field. Traditional networking is already a deep pool of knowledge, covering a wide range of topics. But the tech world doesn't stand still – it's moving at a fast pace.

Now, we're not just dealing with routers and switches. We've got a whole new set of skills to learn. There's Cloud, then there's Automation. We're also diving into tools like Ansible, Docker and Terraform and let's not forget Python. With all these new areas to explore, the big question is how do we keep up? How do we learn all these new skills without forgetting the fundamentals that got us here?

Do You Keep Forgetting?

Let me pull out EIGRP as an example. Back when I was studying for my CCNP certification, EIGRP and I were best buddies. I could set up labs, get EIGRP running between them, and troubleshoot any issues that popped up. Ask me about it now. Well, it's a bit embarrassing, but I'd be scratching my head. I remember something about a 'feasible route', but that's about it.

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