Network Automation Training

If you're a Network Engineer who is new to Network Automation and looking for personalized training, I'm here to help. You can sign up for an 8-hour 1:1 training for $699. Each course typically spans 8 lessons.

Here’s what I offer

  • Python for Network Automation - This course introduces you to the basics of Python, Netmiko, Napalm, and Nornir. By the end, you'll be able to create your own scripts to automate network tasks confidently.
  • Ansible Network Automation - Dive into Ansible basics and learn how to automate tasks for network devices from Cisco, Juniper, and Palo Alto.
  • Palo Alto Networks Training - Starts with the fundamentals of Palo Alto, covering interfaces, zones, objects, and policies, and advances to topics like Panorama, logging, VPN, and GlobalProtect.
  • Intermediate Network Automation - For those who have a grasp on the basics and aim to advance their skills, this course covers REST API, PanOS Python SDK, Boto3, Terraform, and more.

Let's kickstart your automation journey together. Reach out to book your slot.

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