NCM Device Template for Cumulus

In: cumulus

Cumulus OS running on any hardware platform does not have an out-of-the-box device template in Solarwinds NCM.

Create a device template using the below commands and assign it to any Cumulus device.

<Configuration-Management Device="Cumulus Switch" SystemOID=""> 
<Command Name="RESET" Value="" /> 
<Command Name="Running" Value="running" /> 
<Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="net show configuration 
commands" /> 
<Command Name="Version" Value="net show version" /> 
<Command Name="VirtualPrompt" Value="\$"/> 
<Command Name="EnableIdentifier" Value="$" /> 
<Command Name="UseVirtualPromptForCommands" Value="true" /> 
<Command Name="Disconnect" Value="exit" /> 
<Command Name="MenuBased" Value="False" /> 
<Command Name="Startup" Value="" /> 
</Commands> </Configuration-Management>


Written by
Suresh Vinasiththamby
I'm very excited to start blogging and share with you insights about my favourite Networking, Cloud and Automation topics. Simple guy with simple taste and lots of love for Networking and Automation.
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