Hosted Cisco VIRL 2 (CML2)

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Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is a multi-purpose network virtualization platform that provides an easy way to build, configure, and test new or existing network topologies with an intuitive user interface.

VIRL 2 is not yet released for personal use, however, you can access it via Cisco devnet sandbox. For FREE!!

virl 2
DevNet Sandbox makes Cisco's free spread of technology available to developers and engineers by providing packaged labs we call Sandboxes. That's right, totally free! There are two types of sandboxes, Always-On and Reservation . Each sandbox typically highlight one Cisco product (think, CallManager, APIC, etc). Sandboxes can be used for development, testing APIs, learning how to configure a product, training, hack-a-thons, and much more!!getting-started/what-is-devnet-sandbox

How to access Virl 2 (CML2)

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your Cisco credentials or other social media
  3. Select Cisco modeling labs

4. Reserve a lab. If the lab is available then it would take around 10 minutes for the set up to complete. You will receive an email from Cisco with the AnyConnect download link and credentials. You can reserve a lab for maximum of 4 hours.

5. Connect to the lab via AnyConnect. The credentials and server name should be in the email.

6. After you have established a connection, connect to the lab via browser. You can find the URL in the lab itself.

7. Now you can use the existing lab or create a new one. I have created a new one with ASAv , IOSvL2 and Desktop.


I am looking forward for the VIRL 2 personal edition which we can install it locally.

Big thanks to David Bombal for sharing VIRL2 related news.

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Suresh Vina
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