Python - Further Reading (X)

Python - Further Reading (X)
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Here are some of the blog posts I've written to further enhance your knowledge and build on top of what we've learned so far. These posts delve deeper into various topics, providing insights, tips, and advanced techniques that will help you become more proficient in Python and network automation.

Practical Examples and Case Studies

Network Automation In Action - Cisco + Netmiko + Pandas + CSV
Welcome to our ‘Network Automation in Action’ series! In today’s post, I’m taking you through a recent challenge I faced. My task was to identify all the permanently connected devices
Network Configuration Backup with Python
In this blog post, we’re diving into a simple Python script. This script will SSH into your network devices and back up their configuration directly to your computer. We’re purposely keeping it basic - no added complications of date/time stamps, different vendors or error-handling or running parallel operations. The

Introduction to APIs

Getting started with Palo Alto REST API
PanOS REST API is an incredibly powerful tool to manage Palo Alto devices through various API platforms. I find it extremely useful working
Palo Alto REST API with Python
Our goal here is to identify rules that have ‘any’ ‘any’ for both Source and Destination Addresses. As you can see below, there is only a single

Version Control with Git

Git for Network Engineers
As Network Engineers, we work with various text files such as network device configurations, scripts, and text-based documentation. Managing these file

Setting Up a Development Environment

How to Containerize Your Python Script with Dev Containers?
A Dev Container is essentially a development environment that’s containerized, usually using Docker. It helps to ensure consistency across different development setups

Future Learning Path

Python Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - with examples
As you start your journey in Python programming, you might wonder, “If we already have functions in Python for bundling and reusing code, why do we even need Objects and Classes?”
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) for Network Automation
To be honest, I never thought I needed Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) for my job as a Network Engineer. I used to think it was only for software developers.
Written by
Suresh Vina
Tech enthusiast sharing Networking, Cloud & Automation insights. Join me in a welcoming space to learn & grow with simplicity and practicality.
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